It was during the early 90’s when the name Bar.B.Q Tonight established its place in our society as one of the most sought-after brands in Karachi. Soon afterwards, the popularity grew a thousand-fold, as people started to recognize the brand locally and internationally in countries where Pakistani communities existed. As the reach of our name grew far and wide, we were approached by companies interested in Franchising for Bar.B.Q Tonight. While the option was appealing with a lot of room for progress, we took our time in devising a strategy that would help us keep the tradition alive by serving the same taste, across borders and continents. With time, we started considering more options, and in 2008, we introduced a highly viable Franchising system that allowed us to differentiate Bar.B.Q Tonight from other Fast Food chains known for Franchising. Today, we have outlets in a total number of 11 locations, both nationally and internationally. We keep the process sternly in-check so that all our outlets serve the same iconic flavors that we have become popular for. We cater to cities like Multan, Dubai, Islamabad, Karachi, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur. Our presence in all these locations speaks volumes about how far we have come in all these years.