First off, open a Command Prompt window in Admin mode. To do that, search for “cmd” in the Windows search bar and select “Run as Administrator“. On the Properties window, navigate to the “Group Membership” tab. Here, select “Administrator” and click on “Apply” at the bottom to save changes.

Alternatively, you can open the PowerShell with administrative privileges using the Start menu as well. Click on Change account typeSelect the account whose account type you want to change. A pop up will appear asking if you are sure you want to switch to a local account. This guide will show you step-by-step instructions on how to change the administrator email on Windows 11.

This should save your screenshot to the Screenshots folder located in the Pictures library, but for some reason, this might not always work. When trying to capture an image or create a screenshot from a video in Microsoft Windows Media Player using the print screen button, the captured image is blank or black image. There are different answers for this question.

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On Windows 10, you can easily zoom in and make drawings during the screen recording session. However, this software doesn’t allow users to record full-screen gaming. As much as this problem has a solution, most gamers will find it inconvenient. You can trim and rename your video in the Xbox app after you’re done recording. After you’re done, you can find your video in the Captures folder, and it’s located on your Videos folder by default. To do a VLC screen capture with audio, first record your voice and save it as a local audio file.

You can use any of the methods above to change admin on Windows. More so, it’s regarded as the best practice to keep more than one Administrative account in case the account gets deleted, or you get locked out. Once done, the account will be converted to the Admin account and will load with administrative privileges. Select “Administrator” in the pop-up window you get from clicking “Change account type.” Search for “Add, edit or remove other users” and click it when it appears in the search results.

Right-click the added clip, and click Save Media as…. Click the Record button present in the Capture window in the upper left side of the screen. You’d also love the “Styles” and “Templates” tools that come as part of the software.

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You can easily insert, remove, trim, make selections, sync audio, and other similar tasks in just a few clicks. Screen recorder software solutions are great for capturing your desktop to create videos. For example, you can make a video about some problem you are facing on your computer or make a tutorial if you have a solution to another issue.

These include Android devices , iPhone versions up to iPhone X, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo 3DS and more. For more advanced screen-recording features, we recommend Debut Screen and Video Recorder. This is completely free to use for non-commercial purposes. Hit inside the selection box to start recording.