This is one of the best AWS courses on Coursera and after completing this course, you’ll have the basic fundamentals to get started on AWS. By the way, you would need a Pluralsight membership to get access to this course, which costs around $29 per month but you can get in just $199 for one year now as they are offering a 40% discount on their annual membership. It’s a great deal as you won’t always get Pluralsight membership under $200. This Pluralsight AWS course also covers classic AWS services like EC2 as well as brand new services like DynamoDB. The instructor Neal Davis is an authority on AWS and the founder of Digital Cloud Training.

That means you’ll be ready for anything malicious actors throw at you. Simplilearn’s AWS Technical Essentials course teaches the fundamentals of AWS services, concepts, terminology, and gets learners up to speed with using the AWS management console. You’ll get into topics like security measures, storage, and database options through a mixture of e-learning, practice exams, and hands-on projects using the AWS console. This AWS DevOps certification course is intended for experienced AWS cloud engineers who want to learn advanced automations and features on the AWS cloud and also clear the certification for DevOps. It is a very hands-on course that provides learners with the experience needed to understand, analyze and solve the questions asked at the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional certification exam. It teaches learners the real-world skills so they are able to create automations between all the various AWS services. “The security specialty certifications really make an individual stand out, because they’ll understand the best practices and methodologies for each specific cloud environment,” says Optiv’s Vadakkan.

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You’ll learn about data links, addressing, and masking, as well as routing, communication, and transport layers. Split into 3 key modules, this simple but powerful educational experience offers an engaging and self-paced way to learn about current cyber security threat vectors. Intended for newcomers to the security field, this learning experience won’t require any prior knowledge of the industry, but you aws security specialist course will need VMware and two virtual machines. This course prepares students for one of the most widely-recognized security certifications in the digital industry. Empowering students to master the security aspects of the AWS environment, the course explores various real-world scenarios, looking at why websites and businesses are hacked. It also discusses what business leaders could do to stop common attacks.

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Top skill-building resources and advice for CISOs.

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More importantly, almost every company is moving to cloud and sooner or late you will need to learn cloud computing and AWS is market leader. Not just that, but it’s also an amazing skill for experienced programmers to add to your toolkit to take your existing career in tech to the next level. Also, Educative as a platform is really good and if you find this course good, I suggest you take the Educative subscription which costs around $14.99, and provide access to their 100+ software development courses. Most of the time it’s a better deal because you don’t need to buy a course in the future you can just enroll and start learning. This AWS course is most suitable for beginners who want to learn core AWS services, key AWS security concepts, strategies for migrating from on-premises to AWS, and the basics of building serverless applications with AWS. This also means that it’s an excellent opportunity for experienced IT professionals to switch careers and go into lucrative fields of AWS developer, AWS System administrator, and AWS Architect.

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If in any case, you miss a session then you can go through a recorded version of Live session which will be available on your learning portal. We also give you the opportunity to re-take this course FREE for the next 1 year.

You will learn about the AWS premium support services; understand risk and compliance; and look at a case study of HIPAA security and compliance. Lesson 1, AWS Security Fundamentals, covers security fundamentals including understanding the CIA triad; examining types and categories of controls; reviewing core AWS Services; and surveying common threats to AWS services. Review your purchase options and take your cloud career to the next level with our popular training courses. All of our self-paced AWS training courses come with 12 months access. During your 12 month period, you can take your training courses as many times as you like and get access to all updates at no additional costs. Our AWS Certified Security Specialty training covers all knowledge areas in the exam.

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He’s currently a course advisor for Simplilearn’s AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training Course. Depending on the certification involved, WhizLabs training courses usually sit between $30 and $100, with practice exam packages available for around $25 to $50 extra. Though their courses are paid, WhizLabs is almost always running some kind of discount – just click through to the course you’re interested in to see what’s on offer.

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Udemy AWS cloud practitioner training course has been designed with non-techies and newcomers to the cloud in mind. It starts with teaching the foundations of cloud computing and then progresses to the concepts and knowledge of AWS platform. The course is a good combination of theoretical lectures and guided practical hands-on labs and is packed with quizzes, practice exams, exam-crams and detailed training notes/cheat sheets. Not only does it provide learners with an extensive overview of AWS cloud but also prepares them to pass the AWS certified cloud practitioner certification at first attempt. Strictly speaking, CCSK, as its name implies, is a certificate rather than a certification, but it still represents a valuable first step on your cloud security career path. “If you have to choose one certification and want to understand more of the technical concepts beyond a theoretical level, a CCSK is the way to go,” says Aaron Rosenmund, Director of Security Research and Curriculum at Pluralsight. Earning the globally recognized CCSP cloud security certification is a proven way to build your career and better secure critical assets in the cloud.

You’ll gain in-depth knowledge of the services featured on the exam today as well as a strong practical knowledge through completion of the guided hands-on lessons. Test your knowledge and assess your exam readiness with practice questions that match the difficulty of the real AWS exam. After the theory lessons, you’ll get to put your knowledge into practical use with hands-on lessons that teach you how to use AWS and complete exercises that reflect real-world situations. Learning by doing increases knowledge retention and is the best way to ensure you build practical skills. This is the best online training for the AWS Security Specialty certification available today and is completely up to date with the latest concepts featured on the exam. The best way is to enroll in our Ultimate Training Package for the AWS Certified Security Specialty Certification.